About US

DAM LTD was founded in 2013 in Georgia and it is the leader of the field at the sector of construction materials. The company cooperates the leader European companies, herewith materials are only European. We serve the main local building companies and the leader companies in all Georgia. LTD DAM offers you tower cranes, metal columns from 3m, 3.4m, 4m, 5m and 6 meters as well. Different kinds of stands (cottages) for exterior and interior works, floor platform, hanging cottage, metal fence, pipes for garbage (for using at high stored buildings), truck elevators, passenger elevators, pumps etc. We serve more than 2 thousands of physical persons and all of leader companies such as LLC ORBI GROUP, LLC ANAGI, LLC RESORT DEVELOPMENTS SOLUTIONS COMPANY RDS, LLC ALLIANCE, LLC LAMINI G, LLC HORIZONS GROUP, LLC MARDI HOLDING, LLC NOVA HOLDING, LLC NOVA, LLC GOOL, LC METRO, LLC GEOAMTSE, LLC SEU DEVELOPMENT, LLC MIRA, LLC DONA GROUP ETC Offered tower cranes  are always ready to be fully used, renewed, painted and checked with its passport in ideal condition by warranty. About any detail we serve in our base at our location and we can import from abroad as well.    

Our Team